OBPF response to European Bioplastics report

The OBPF has previously detailed how it welcomed the recent EU report:

“The Impact of the Use of ‘Oxo-degradable’ Plastic on the Environment”

 compiled by Eunomia as generally balanced and positive.

We are, however, shocked by the disgraceful manner in which European Bioplastics reported a section of the study to justify their own misguided agenda, and repeated without consideration of accuracy by Michael Ravenscroft of Chemical Week on April 25th, 2017.

The response on the European Bioplastics website of 25th April 2017 which could be found at the following link and detailed below:


States that:

‘In the meantime, the report concludes, “the PAC plastics industry should be prevented from selling their products”.

Whereas consideration of the full sentence within the report (Executive Summary Section 2.0. Recommendations page vii) actually state:

“In the meantime the PAC plastics industry should be prevented from selling their products into markets that have been conclusively proved to be unsuitable—primarily composting and AD markets.”

It can be clearly seen from a comparison of these two statements that European Bioplastics have shamefully misrepresented a few words taken from a sentence which is discussing a significant point within the report (that the OBPF fully support) to justify their incorrect views.

It may be considered that resorting to the blatant misrepresentation illustrated here by European Bioplastics confirms the view that the hydro-biodegradable plastics industry does not have any substantive and accurate argument to make against oxo-biodegradable technology.

We urge the public to consider with extreme caution any purported studies or comments European Bioplastics makes on the subject of oxo-biodegradability.


Dr Gary Ogden FIMMM CSci, Chairman OBPF

Mr Ray Loflin, Secretary, OBPF