The Chairman of the OBPF met with the members of the Directorate General for the Environment

The Chairman of the OBPF, Dr Gary Ogden, reports that he met with e members of the Directorate General for the Environment yesterday, 22nd February 2018, to discuss the final report to the European Commission regarding oxo-biodegradable plastics and the subsequent call to ECHA to prepare a restriction dossier. It was disappointing that the DG ENV has no process available to it to review the scientifically flawed final report which has been submitted to EC as a basis of forming policy. However, we thank the DG ENV for the detailed discussions on the process that has begun and look forward to working with the various agencies and committees to submit extensive independent studies correcting the flawed report and dispelling the misperceptions of oxo-biodegradable plastics as per our founding remit to educate from a position of substantiated data.